Other Parts

Other Parts

We update our pages weekly with items for sale, including new and used car parts to the cars themselves.

GTD40 Wheels

BRM Image Classic Build
15″ diam 3 piece Alloy Wheels
Complete with front mount cover plate and spinners
Set of 4 brand new and unused
2 x 7″ Front and 2 x 9″ Rear all with 112mm PCD
Originally supplied to fit GTD40 Kit car replica
Would probably fit many types of kit car

PRICE: £800 (no VAT)

Laminova Oil/Water Heat Exchanger

Laminova Oil/Water heat Exchanger
300mm long x 75mm diam
Connectors: 34mm water/-12 oil
Aluminium Construction
Condition : Used but very serviceable

PRICE: £120 (no VAT)

DTA X – Dash

BRM Image Classic BuildDTA X-Dash Level 2
Purchased brand new in 2014 but never used
Complete with cables and plugs

PRICE: £500 (no VAT)

DTA STC Throttle Controller

This Dta S Series Throttle Controller (STC) is a drive by wire
controller for DC motor driven throttle valves. Bought brand new in 2014 for a project, but never used and in excellent condition.
Please refer to manufacturers website for full specification

£250 (no VAT)

SETRAB Oil Cooler

Setrab Oil Cooler
330mm long with 25 rows

-12 inlet / outlet fittings

This item appears to be new and unused in good storage condition

£80 (no VAT)

Cobra Suzuka Pro-fit Seat

Cobra Suzuka Pro-fit Seat

Condition: Used just once and in excellent as new condition

£300 (no VAT)

Corbeau Pro Series Seat

Corbeau Pro Series Seat

Condition: Used just once and in excellent as new condition

£300 (no VAT)

Sparco Ergo Seat

Sparco Ergo Seat

Condition: Brand new and unused

£300 (no VAT)

Leather Sports Car Seats

Superbly made originally to fit GT40 Replica

New and unused and in excellent condition

£400 the pair (no VAT)

Michelin 19″ Sport Radial Wet Weather Tyres


3 off 29/69/19

3 off 31/71/19

Condition – Used but plenty of tread left

£100 each (no VAT)

Eibach Coil Springs

1 pair Eibach Coil Springs


Length 100mm x 60mm Int diam

Condition – Used for one test and as new

£60 pair (no VAT)

Holley 800 cfm 4 Barrel Carburetor

Holley 800cfm 4 Barrel Carburetor

List – 4780 – 2 (2269)

Mechanical choke / Mechanical Secondaries / Duel internal fuel bowls

Condition – Used for one test and in good condition

£200 (no VAT)

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